Pam Oliver Explains Why She Slurs Her phrases during video games 

There’s a reason why Pam Oliver slurs her phrases once in a while.

During the last few years, enthusiasts have noticed that Oliver struggles together with her speech whilst working the sidelines each week. 

In step with Oliver, she has an evidence as to why she slurs her phrases sometimes.

Apparently, Oliver suffers from migraine complications, which reason her speech problems.

Here she is speakme about her debilitating migraines at some stage in a 2021 interview with Richard Deitsch. 

“well, I’ve had numerous [migraines] over the direction of the football season,” Oliver stated of her migraines at some point of a November 2021 interview with Richard Deitsch. 

for instance, I’ve gone from averaging five-6 a month all the way down to averaging 3 a month. I bear in mind that being fortunate. They’re very debilitating for me. 

They’ve been a trouble for a completely, very long time. It’s caused me to overlook some video games over the span of my profession due to the fact I simply couldn’t take the noise and the light and the sickness that comes with that.  


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