Pet Birds with Lesser Known Existence

we’ll explore some of the lesser-known pet birds that make for fascinating and delightful companions.

These parrots exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism – males flaunt vibrant emerald green feathers,while females don rich scarlet coats.

The Enigmatic Eclectus Parrot

Bourke’s parakeet, often called the “Bourkie,”is a petite parrot species originating from Australia.

A Pocket-Sized Parrot

Bourkie’s parakeets come in a soft pastel palette of pink, peach, and blue.

Pastel Perfection

Pionus parrots are a group of lesser-known parrot species hailing from Central and South America.

The Exotic Appeal of the Pionus Parrot

While not as talkative as some parrot species, Pionus parrots are capable of learning a few words and phrases.

Moderate Talkers

They often prefer whistling and making pleasant sounds. 

Their vocalizations are a source of entertainment without being overly noisy.

Eclectus parrots and Bourke’s parakeets are known for their intelligence and can be trained to perform various tricks and mimic sounds. 

Pionus parrots are less talkative but can still be trained to a certain extent. 

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