Ranking of the Dodgers' postseason failures: What went wrong from 2013 through 2023

Being a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers in this historically prosperous period means soaking up their failures as well as their successes.

allowing optimism to peep through each autumn, only for the dead leaves to mourn the end.

And to be aware that, come October, a bleak, soul-crushing exit is probably in store, 

no matter how strong or impenetrable the club may seem from April to September.

These Dodgers are still in the midst of an incredible winning streak that includes 11 straight trips to the playoffs, 

10 of which came after winning the National League West, and one season that saw 106 victories.

However, in a cruel twist, their lone championship was won during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season.

This extra round of playoffs did not lessen the value of the victory; rather, it merely denied their fans the chance to, you know, attend the games in person.


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