Raptors Trade For Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell In New Blockbuster Proposal

Some general managers in the NBA are regarded as being more challenging to work with than others. 

 That is not always a criticism. It is also not flattering to be thought of as being simple to deal with. 

A general manager should insist on a deal that benefits their team. On the other hand, some GMs appear to be a little too aggressive in their hardball tactics. 

They occasionally risk missing out on trades in this way. Take Masai Ujiri of the Toronto Raptors. 

He seems to be a challenge to work with—possibly too challenging. 

 His stern negotiating techniques appear to have cost the Raptors Damian Lillard.

 What does the future hold for this team? The Raptors are facing a decision.

Yes, Scottie Barnes could have been traded. Given the eventual compensation the Portland Trail Blazers would receive for Lillard, 

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