Review of "Extraction 2": Chris Hemsworth's Streaming Sequel Ratchets Up the Action.

In 2020, during the time of our global lockdown, something amusing occurred. 

 With theaters closing, our immediate moviegoing prospects seeming dismal, and escapist entertainment evolving into a therapeutic necessity, 

The Streaming Service Blockbuster sprang to prominence, most notably with the release of "Extraction.

Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman turned director, had a captive audience for his muscular but complicated action film about a mercenary ordered to save the kidnapped son of a criminal boss. 

According to Netflix's own, recently revealed stats, it continues to top the rankings as their sixth most popular movie ever thanks to all the people at home.

With "Extraction 2," which was released three years later and features a considerably superior, bloodier, and more brutal search for the laconic hero. 

Hargrave, star Chris Hemsworth and screenwriter Joe Russo return to the expanding franchise. (Ande Parks wrote "Ciudad," the comic novel on which the original movie was based. 

Parks and the Russo brothers collaborated on the story.) As with its uncomplicated title, this sequel engages in clean-lined action and tension. 


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