Roger At long last Vindicated Himself on Stranger.

While Claire and Jamie were (unfortunately!) mysteriously gone, Sunday's episode conveyed when it came to...uh...Roger. 

Also, I express this as Leader of the Roger Is the Most terrible Fan Club™. However some way or another, 

this turtleneck-cherishing killjoy figured out how to make up for himself in one of the most mental episodes of Stranger so far. 

Intrigued? Here are the greatest minutes from a genuinely moving hour of TV. Yep, no doubt. The vast majority meet Roger and quickly punch him (reasonable),

yet this week he frames a nearby bond with Father Alexandre, an individual detainee in the Mohawk town of Shadow Lake.

who has an exceptionally fascinating origin story. Quick version, 

Father Alexandre appeared as an evangelist to get the message out of Christ and convert individuals from the Mohawk country — which is, clearly.

delegate of an exceptionally hazardous piece of history. Truly, he wound up becoming hopelessly enamored with a healer named Johiehon, and they had a child together. 

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