Sarah Jane Ramos shows Dak Prescott some love as Cowboys squeak through Week 6 MNF win vs Charger

Dak Prescott leads Cowboys to Monday Night Football victory: The Dallas Cowboys secured a 20-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, bouncing back from a previous loss to the 49ers. 

– Strong defense in the final minutes: The Cowboys showcased their defensive prowess in the closing moments of the game to secure the victory.

Improved record: With this win, the Cowboys improved to a 4-2 record for the season as they head into their bye week. 

Sarah Jane Ramos supports Prescott: Dak Prescott's rumored partner, Sarah Jane Ramos, attended the game and praised Prescott and the team's performance. 

Social media posts: Ramos shared videos and pictures from the game, including the celebration of a game-winning interception and Prescott's rushing touchdown 

– Their first meeting: While there isn't much information available about their first meeting, fans and followers noticed them together after a Cowboys vs. Jets game, sparking speculation.

Consistent attendance: Ramos has been seen at Cowboys games before, notably at their 38-3 win over the Patriots earlier in the month. 

Sarah Jane's professional background: Sarah Jane Ramos has a background in the wine and spirits industry and has collaborated with prestigious hospitality and entertainment groups. 

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