Shannon Sharpe Says He 'Owes Tom Brady an Apology' Over Bill Belichick, Patriots Debate

Since the late years of that historic alliance, the controversy over who deserves the most credit for

the Patriots' dynasty—quarterback Tom Brady or coach Bill Belichick—has raged.

While the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle, it's tough to dispute that the last three-plus seasons have been extremely beneficial to

the Brady side of the debate. After departing New England, the quarterback won his eighth Super Bowl with the Buccaneers,

while Belichick's Patriots have been trapped in mediocrity. In 2023, they're 1-4 after losses of at least 34 points to the Cowboys and Saints in the previous two weeks. 

Sharpe stated on Monday's episode of First Take that, while he does not believe recent seasons have harmed Belichick's legacy,

 he believes he did not give Brady enough credit for his ability to serve as a "eraser" for times when Belichick erred as coach and general manager.

"I think I owe Brady an apology, because I don't think I gave him enough credit," he remarked. "What Brady allowed Coach Belichick to do, 

Brady is the most powerful eraser in professional sports." Because Brady has the ability to undo every error made 

 by coach Belichick over the last two decades. You chose a lousy receiver... Brady could wipe it clean with a Julian Edelman."


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