Shedeur Sanders And Travis Hunter Get In Scuffle At Colorado Football Facility

The Colorado Buffaloes have been missing star cornerback and wide receiver Travis Hunter in recent weeks.

Hunter departed the Buffs' Week 3 win against Colorado State with a lacerated liver and has missed the previous three games.

Colorado is 1-2 over that span, and no one has missed Hunter more than standout quarterback Shedeur Sanders

Sanders dropped from 417 yards per game with Hunter in the lineup to 256 without him.

Nobody knows when the standout sophomore will return. But Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders isn't putting his long-term health at danger.

"I have a game this week. "We need to get everything we can so I can get back on the field; I'm not taking no for an answer,

" Sanders stated in response to a text message from Hunter following Colorado's rout of Oregon in Week 4.

"No. "You ain't ready, and I care about you more than I care about this game," Sanders claims he texted back. "When you're healthy and ready,

 you're going to change the game of football." Your future is brighter than mine has ever been or will ever be. Relax and get in shape. "I adore you, son."

The good news is that Hunter has made significant improvement in recent weeks and is now back at Colorado's football facilities.


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