Sony has unveiled a new PlayStation 5 model, just in time for the holidays

The PS5 will be scaled down, as with previous systems. This overhaul, which will be deployed next month, decreases the system's size by around 30%.

The PS5 Slim will become the new norm, according to Sony, since after previous 2020 models are sold out, the new thinner versions will be the only ones available for purchase.

In addition to the system, two new attachments will be offered, giving gamers a bit more opportunity for customization.

While Sony has not revealed an official release date, buyers in the United States may expect to see the new PS5 arrive at select retailers sometime next month. 

The new design includes a few updates to the specifications, according to Sony's official PlayStation blog,

the modifications are minor in compared to previous revisions made to slim variants.

Sony claims that the new PS5 is "more than 30% smaller and weighs between 18% and 24% less than the previous generations.

The PS5 Slim is available in two versions: a digital one without an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and one with one. Instead of 825 GB, both come with 1 TB of storage


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