Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin of Outlander discuss Brianna's second pregnancy for Season 7.

Outlander is about to return to Starz for Season 7 in the 2023 TV schedule, putting an end to the latest Droughtlander, 

 and there's a major cliffhanger from the end of Season 6 with Claire's imprisonment in Wilmington. 

 Brianna and Roger were fortunate enough to be able to flee Fraser's Ridge before the siege at the Big House,

allowing Roger to follow his 18th-century dream of becoming a priest with his pregnant wife. 

 In an interview with CinemaBlend ahead of the new season, actresses Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin were candid about Roger and Bree's relationship!

Brianna concluded Season 6 happily pregnant, with the extra bonus of knowing for certain that Jemmy was his real son rather than the result of Stephen Bonnet's terrible assault.

Of course, pregnancy is never particularly safe in Outlander, and parenting has been a major theme throughout the series. 

When I asked Sophie Skelton how pregnancy is affecting Bree as Outlander Season 7 begins, she said

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