Sophie Skelton, the star of Outlander, has landed the lead role in the forthcoming film.

3 / 3 Sophie Skelton, known for her role in "Outlander," has been cast in the leading role of the upcoming thriller film "Row." 

3 / 3 The film will be directed by Matthew Losasso and will also star Bella Dayne from "Humans," 

3 / 3 Akshay Khanna from "Red, White & Royal Blue," and Mark Trepan from "Before We Die." 

3 / 3 Her crewmates are missing and presumed dead, and she must piece together her memories to prove her innocence.  

3 / 3 The story unfolds against the backdrop of a vast and seemingly infinite ocean, which adds to the tension and drama of the narrative. 

3 / 3 Matthew Losasso, the director, expressed the challenges of filming on water and the ambitious nature of the script.  

3 / 3 The film aims to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes while avoiding the use of green screen backdrops, and it represents a significant undertaking for independent filmmaking. 

3 / 3 "Row" was written by Nick Skaugan, and production on the movie is set to begin in Scotland. 

3 / 3 To minimize the need for visual effects (VFX), the production will utilize a specially designed tank. 


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