SPIDER-MAN 2 Is Confirmed to Include Two Fan-Favorite Suits From The Wall-Crawler's Films

Spider-Man 2 is almost here, and now that the review embargo has been removed, more and more facts about the long-awaited sequel are being disclosed. 

When Spider-Man was first published, fans immediately demanded that Insomniac include costumes from the wall-crawler's films.

 Some were previously present, while others, such as those from Spider-Man: Far From Home, were added (for free) later on.

Unfortunately, things became nasty when it came to adding the suit from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies to the game; 

the sheer amount of time it took led to individuals harassing and insulting Insomniac personnel in an attempt to speed up the process...seriously!

After everything was said and done, we had almost every suit Spidey wore on screen, albeit there were a handful of notable exclusions. 

We're happy to reveal that both the stunning outfit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the final swing suit from Spider-Man: No Way Home will be there. 

We're especially interested to try out the latter, but don't worry, it's simply battle-damaged in the screenshot below since that's what happens when you wear a suit for a long time. 

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