Stefon Diggs, Bills WR, Sends a Direct Message to 'Whoever Stole My Car'

Stefon Diggs had a difficult weekend, and things didn't get much better when the new week began on Monday.

After returning home from England following a humiliating loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills wide receiver supposedly discovered that his automobile had been taken.

 On October 9, Diggs resorted to Instagram to send a fairly angry message to the mysterious person who stole the car.

On Monday night, Diggs announced the theft of his automobile on his Instagram account, calling out the car thief.

"To brighten up this lovely Monday." "I have a special message for whoever stole my car," he added, followed by a brief video of a man saying, "your mother is a h**."

The tweet went viral, with Bills supporters volunteering their assistance in locating the vehicle.

"Someone stealing Stefon Diggs' car is no laughing matter," one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

"But I will literally take off work and carry him around to wherever he needs to go like Kronk for Yzma in Emperors New Groove."


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