Stranger Things Season 5 Is Finally Ending 7-Year Steve & Jonathan Complaint

Stranger Things season 5 will finally put to rest a complaint about interactions between legendary characters Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers, seven years after the show's premiere.

 Stranger Things season 5 marks the closure of long-unfinished storylines, the return of crucial figures to the forefront for a climactic ending,

 and the resolution of specific dynamics amongst original characters that have largely been disregarded. 

The latter move bodes well for Stranger Things season 5, with the show's unusual character combinations frequently generating some of its most memorable moments.

Although Steve's most iconic Stranger Things pairing is with Dustin, the former jock's tale was originally linked with Nancy and Jonathan in the series' most famous love triangle. 

While Steve and Nancy dated throughout the first season, Jonathan secretly wished for her, with the elder Wheeler and Byers siblings finally getting together during the second season. 

Steve's dynamics were mostly with the younger kids and Robin at this point, until Stranger Things season 4 unexpectedly reignited the Nancy-Jonathan-Steve love triangle.

Despite this, Jonathan and Steve have never shared a moment together, though Stranger Things season 5 writers hint that this will change.

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