The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Go Back To Their Ex On October 4, 2023

You planned to never return to the person who shattered your life, but now you're reconsidering. Moon trine Mars on October 4, 2023, may

make you ponder whether you should have split from your ex-partner. Were you encouraged to want that, or was it your original thought?

Your ex intended to stop the relationship for their reasons, but you never saw it clearly.

 You feel like there are loose ends to tie up. Today you tell your ex you want to reunite. Unexpectedly, they've gone on with their lives.

You don't know why, but returning to your ex was never planned. You spent your greatest years with this guy. 

You still adore them and have never accepted the fact that you two have split up. Why? Why are you not resolving this together? There are reasons, but you reject them.

Moon trine Mars on October 4, 2023, will make you want to talk to this ex about getting back together. 

You may get a good response. Scorpio, this may be worthwhile if you desire it. Think carefully before acting.

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