The audience outside Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Mexico is overflowing.

Taylor Swift's Eras tour in Mexico drew large crowds, confirming her international musical skill. 

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It turns out that her fourth gig in Mexico last Saturday night was attended by more than simply Swift fans. 

Hundreds of casual admirers were also interested in seeing the artist perform.  

Even the venue couldn't accommodate everyone all at once.Hearing the artist perform was the next best thing for those who couldn't get inside. 

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However, the bleachers were the only venue in Mexico where Taylor Swift's Eras tour could accommodate the throng.  

However, as the night went, the bleachers reached their maximum capacity, and several individuals were forced to leave. 

During the show, Taylor began with a joyful "Hola!" She also infused the performance with Spanish by encouraging her dancers to speak the language throughout. 

"Welcome to the acoustic section!" she said to the audience. I just want to say, to everyone in the back, that you are just fantastic. 

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