The New Laker's Thoughts on the Los Angeles Organization

The Los Angeles Lakers brought back the majority of the club that reached the Western Conference Finals a year ago this offseason

They also added some new players to help improve the depth and give themselves a better chance in the playoffs.

Cam Reddish, a young attacker who the organization has been interested in for quite some time,

is one of those guys. Reddish signed a two-year contract with the Lakers this offseason, and the organization couldn't be happier to have him.

He provides them with another player who can score and who still has a lot of potential. While he hasn't lived up to the hoopla

that surrounded him after graduating from college, Reddish is still a capable role player for the team.

Reddish discussed the Lakers organization and what he has learnt as a member of the team thus far.

LA has excellent mentors in place to assist Reddish this season. They want him to be himself and find his place within

the culture they have created. So far, it appears that things are going well for the young youngster.

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