The president of USA Gymnastics has apologized to Simone Biles for the anonymous "gold medal token" remark.

USA Gymnastics CEO & President Li Li Leung apologized to Simone Biles for a team insider dubbing her a “gold medal token” at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

The comment two years ago severely impacted Biles' mental health, prompting a hiatus. 

Simone Biles returned to professional gymnastics at the 2023 US Classic on August 5 after a long hiatus.  

Impressively, the gymnast won three gold and one bronze medals.  

Biles told the media about a mental health issue during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics while celebrating her win. 

At the pressure of performing in Tokyo, Biles said someone from USA Gymnastics informed her she was their “gold medal token.”  

The comment overburdened Biles. It also made her performance twisties. 

Biles' experience questions USA Gymnastics' athlete environment.  


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