The Swift impact: Eras Tour stop is boosting Los Angeles' GDP by estimated $320 million

Fans from all across the United States have had a difficult time acquiring tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour  

nonetheless, entire cities have reaped the benefits of her record-breaking performances over the past several months. 

According to a new analysis by the California Center for Jobs and the Economy, the six days of sold out Eras Tour  

events in Los Angeles will deliver an estimated $320 million rise to the city's gross domestic product (GDP). 

According to the report, the tour would also enhance local employment in the Los Angeles area by 3,300 jobs   

and local earnings by 160 million dollars. Additionally, the tour will bring in millions of dollars in tax income for both the city and the state.  

It is anticipated that it will earn a total of $9 million in transient occupancy tax revenue, $20 million in state  

and $17 million in state income tax revenue.The assessment takes into account direct, indirect, and induced effects  


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