The Three-Sign Rough October 2, 2023 Horoscopes 

The fight begins! Who competes today, October 2, 2023? That's a dual between ourselves and ourselves! Yes, let's. Ding, ding! Mercury opposes Neptune today. 

Three zodiac signs will experience inner struggle and incapacity to commit. 

You like yourself less when you've been here before. And 'this method' implies you overthink things and miss out on what you've been considering. 


On October 2, 2023, when Mercury opposes Neptune, you will feel like you have a dream you want to accomplish and that so much hope is at risk that you spend the day thinking how it will fail.

You may spend more time than you want worrying about the future on this day, which isn't anxious. On the second day of October, you're already worried about what'll go wrong. 


Mercury opposing Neptune amplifies and maybe causes negative thoughts by making you overthink things.

Today is hard for Aquarius because now that you're on track, you detest the work you set for yourself. 


You decided to be an active participant in life, but now that you're here on the second day of October, you may find yourself backtracking or trying to put things off for another day.


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