The Top Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's suspected connection has caused quite a stir. With Halloween just around the corner,

 every appearance of the Hollywood couple has encouraged creativity.

While you could always go with the standard Barbie and Ken, these two have a tremendous reputation – pun intended.

Grab your significant other or closest friend and check out some of the greatest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce couples Halloween costume ideas below. 

And if you're traveling alone, check out these fantastic Taylor Swift-inspired ensembles.

Take on the two's trademark looks. When she launched her Eras tour with the Lovers album, she donned a glittery Versace leotard. While any of the performance outfits would suffice, 

you can simply recreate the classic look with a rhinestone bodysuit or a sequins dress. Add a pink guitar or a microphone prop to the mix.

When it comes to Travis, one outfit stands out above the rest: his home game suit. Although athlete jersey sales have risen, you can still acquire a personalized Kansas City Chiefs jersey (or any red jersey for a more affordable choice) on Amazon, then accessorize with athletic leggings and receiving gloves.


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