This week, four zodiacs block themselves. 

When Aquarius helps others when you need help, you become your own hurdle. Your selflessness is admirable, but it's also a method to ignore your troubles and push them off. 


You believe you're helping the world while worsening your own condition. Self-neglect makes it hard to treat people as you wish to be treated. You owe yourself. You must look for yourself. 

You have ideas, Pisces. When you don't act on your thoughts, analysis, and categorization, you become your own bottleneck. 


So often are you inspired that each thought leads to another that never materializes. What started as a musical idea becomes a book, a streaming series, a board game, etc. 

Capricorn, you obey too much. You calmly avoid conflict and never upset the status quo. Follow commands without questions. You accomplish your objectives.  


Make yourself the perfect puzzle piece for someone else's strategy. You create your own bottleneck when you don't consider how that strategy meets your goals. 

When you try to be everyone's buddy, Leo, you block yourself. Not humanly possible. Not everyone you meet is a good match for you, and you're not for everyone.  


The more you pretend they are, the more dishonest you appear, and your friends start to doubt you. If you treat everyone equally, they'll wonder if your friendship is special or if you're faking it. 


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