Three zodiacs want a "No Strings Attached" affair on October 2, 2023. 

Mercury's transit opposite Neptune on October 2, 2023, may make us dream large. We see these dreams so vividly that they appear possible if we focus on them and work toward them.

Though beneficial, this is one reason we want 'less' from our spouses. We may not want partners, 

This isn't to make someone feel second to your dreams. You can't help it—you want to pursue your aspirations and accept another lover. 


On October 2, 2023, you'll feel like you must let them go or reveal your true intentions. You want it all.

You like to balance your love life, so you won't sacrifice your values for love. We all know that love relationships often involve letting go of vital things.  


We may not want to let them go, but we do to please them or reach a compromise.

You're straightforward about your ideas from the start. Under transit, like Mercury opposite Neptune, you feel more inclined to be honest. 


Now, 'like it is' means seeking a relationship without strings. Your layout may not generate a good reaction, but it lets you know if it will work.


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