Tim McGraw Reveals His Favorite Cheat Meals and Says He Loves Wife Faith Hill's Southern Food

Tim McGraw has a lot of good things to say about his wife Faith Hill.In a new interview with ET Canada, the country music legend, 56, revealed that his wife, 55, is an expert at cooking Southern cuisine, including his favorite cheat meal.

"I mean, my wife's Southern cooking," he explained when asked about his favorite meals. "She'll cook anything, but my cheat meal is usually peas, cornbread, 

collared greens, pork chops, fries, and gravy." When it comes to snacks, he revealed that he prefers Coca-Cola cake and a bowl of cereal late at night.

"I love Cocoa Puffs," McGraw continued. "My wife can tell when I get up in the middle of the night because I leave a trail of Cocoa Puffs all over 'cause I overfill my bow

While the "Don't Take the Girl" singer isn't afraid to indulge, he says he remains healthy by starting each day with an hour-long stroll.

McGraw and his wife will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary in October, and they have three daughters: Gracie (26), Maggie (25), and Audrey (21).

"They're very outspoken in their beliefs and what they believe in," he told PEOPLE in 2020 about his favorite thing about his girls.

"They don't tolerate injustice for anyone, either for themselves or for others." And they are vocal about it. And I'm very proud of it."

In terms of what has kept his marriage to Hill going, McGraw revealed on Today in 2017 that he and his wife are fantastic communicators.

"Well, the car I drive, the relationship she drives," he explained, adding, "It's pretty even." We make decisions in various ways, but we always discuss them 

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