Tom Brady Describes 49ers Quarterback in One Word Purdy, Brock

Tom Brady and Brock Purdy share a lot of similarities. They were both late-round draft picks that had a lot of success with their respective organizations right away.  

As a result, Purdy has received numerous parallels to Brady during his brief NFL tenure. That's a tough order for a second-year quarterback.  

But here's the kicker: Brady, in some ways, agrees with the similarities.  

Brady praised Purdy's humility and addressed the comparisons on his "Let's Go!" podcast this week. Purdy, according to him, is "humble," which may go a long way in a professional sports career. 

"You don't hear of guys like Brock Purdy until Brock Purdy's doing amazing things out on the field, so it's kind of a fun story  

and I hope it continues for him because he seems like he's a really humble young man, and he wants to go out there and do great things," Brady told reporters. 

"I think the more you have that chip on your shoulder like he does, and there were not quite the expectations, it's nice to go out there and continue to prove people wrong." 

That's music to the ears of 49ers supporters. Brady, however, has more to say.  

Brady also sees parallels between the 2023 49ers and some of Brady's previous Super Bowl teams in New England. Both teams had good line of scrimmage control, run the ball well, and play great defense. 

"[The 49ers] are doing a great job, and I played him last year, and they've got a great team," Brady continued. I've also been on a lot of amazing teams over the years, 


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