Top 13 Health Benefits of Capers You Need to Know

You may have heard of this miracle plant but not the health advantages of capers in your diet. These little blooming caper buds have been used in Mediterranean cooking for generations.

 Though little, these elements shouldn't be overlooked. The flavor and nutrition of these small plant buds are strong. 

These adaptable veggies offer great taste to salads, soups, and sauces. Learn about the benefits of eating capers. 

Still curious what a caper is? Simple answer: flower buds. Capers are immature Capparis Spinosa flower buds. These little bush-like plants thrive in Spain

Greece, and Italy (1). They're crucial to Mediterranean cooking. They make food taste great and are full of nutrients that may help with weight loss, hair growth, and blood sugar.

Handpicking delicate, cream-white flower buds in the morning is common. After harvesting, the buds are washed

 and sun-wilted for several hours. After this, the buds can be jarred with salt, brine, olive oil, or vinegar.

Capers can be as big as peppercorns or as small as olives. Use them in dishes depending on whether you want a strong flavor or merely scent

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