Top 6 Zodiac Signs Who Make The First Move

Taking the initial step in the game of love may be both exciting and terrifying. 

While some people like to wait for the appropriate opportunity to initiate love relationships, others are more proactive.

If you're wondering which zodiac signs are more likely to initiate the first move in a relationship, keep reading to learn about the top six signs recognized for their assertive and proactive tendencies.


When it comes to making the first move, Aries, the fiery and passionate ram, is at the top of the list. 


Leos are well-known for their self-assurance and irresistible charisma. They thrive in the spotlight and are frequently the first to take the initial step in love.


Sagittarians have an adventurous nature that extends to their romantic relationships.


Geminis are excellent communicators who thrive in social situations. They excel in breaking the ice and starting conversations with prospective partners.


Libras are masters of grace and charm. They have a talent for making people feel at ease and valued, making them effective love initiators.


Scorpios are noted for their intensity and passion. They are not scared to make the first move when they have their sights set on someone.


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