Gal Gadot and U2 support Israel during the "horrific" Palestinian crisis.

Celebrities including Gal Gadot, Kylie Jenner, Nina Dobrev, U2, and others have expressed their support for Israel.

"Like me, you should back Israel. In the face of such horrible terrorist atrocities, the entire globe cannot remain silent.

Saturday saw a post from Gadot. "Wonder Woman 1984" has an Israeli star.

In response, Israel dispatched forces to the Gaza City border region of Palestine and started bombing the area that was under embargo. 

According to Palestinian sources, more than 300 people have died in Gaza.

On Threads Saturday, Josh Gad expressed sorrow over the deaths lost in Israel. 

 My heart aches for the hostages who have been abducted and for the families of those who have lost loved ones. What an awful day she said.

In response, Israel sent troops to the Palestinian border zone near Gaza City and began bombing the restricted area. 


On Saturday, the sky will become dark due to an amazing solar eclipse. Will the April one be superior?