Why an NBA rule alternate could have a SEISMIC effect on soccer 

There’s a commonplace complaint from current footballers that they're asked to play too much.

however what if their golf equipment were punished in the event that they didn’t play?

A development coming inside the NBA could be approximately to set a brand new precedent a good way to have an effect on soccer, have to it also be delivered here.

The situation is straightforward - ESPN pays the NBA a huge amount for broadcasting rights.

NBA are trying to comfy a good bigger payout in their rights renewal and are acutely aware that if NBA’s All-Stars don’t play, viewing figures go through

therefore as a way to provide guarantees to prospective broadcasters, NBA are exploring what they're calling ‘player safety policy’, or PPP.  

League commissioner Adam Silver stated his notion last month that ‘load control has gone too far’, suggesting that too many players have been being rested when they had been fit to play.

PPP essentially approach that if an NBA All-star is fit, they will be required to play or the franchise will face financial consequences: $one hundred,000 for a first infraction, escalating in addition up to $1m if players are continually rested.

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