Why Your College Degree Doesn't Have To Define Your Career

Getting your degree after college and entering the workforce can be the hardest thing imaginable. This is especially true if you want a degree-related career.

People frequently start college in their late teens or early 20s. Your identity is still being formed throughout that period. You may have developed 

and acquired interests that don't fit your college degree by the end. For those who have been out of college: same.

Young people find it hard to decide what to do. After graduation and working, you may discover a new passion.

 You may wish to investigate alternative solutions that better suit your values and interests.

After graduating, I realized my career path was limited and that I could make a bigger difference with my tales and voice in a different career.

I switched careers to writing and radio broadcasting because of that.It was my method of growing up and becoming the person I wanted to be, rather than following my degree's job path.

Your degree may not match your professional concentration, yet you may go into a field based on it after graduation.

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