Your weekly work horoscope for the week of October 2, 2023

Aries As the week begins, you're full of creative ideas and emailing them. Reread each one to ensure your fresh brilliance is evident.

Taurus As the week begins, your practicality and decision-making skills are absent, but that may be a good thing. 

Gemini You're coming up with excellent ideas like crazy as the week begins. A team or collaborator is all you need to follow them and go forward.

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Cancer The workload at the start of the week may seem overwhelming. You'll be happier if you ask a coworker for help or double-check your numbers than if you cut corners. 

Expand your horizons at the start of the week, Leo. Attend a seminar, whether it's related to your field or not.

Virgo The week begins with you grasping reasoning, but your communication abilities may use some work. 

Libra Volunteer for a new task at the start of the week, even if it requires scheduling changes. You'll be praised for taking it on, and the new challenge will refresh your mind.

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Scorpio A small voice says to be cautious at the start of the week. Listen, since your insight is a powerful business tool. 

Sagittarius Someone at work talks the talk at the start of the week, but nothing happens. Stay busy with chores you can manage to avoid frustration and delays.

Capricorn At the start of the week, others converse, but you know what needs to be done, so you go to work. You can postpone gossip. 

Aquarius Early in the week, you suddenly have a completely new way of speaking, which makes you unique in the job.

Pisces You like brainstorming and blue-sky gatherings than early week work. Free up time to solve a long-standing problem creatively. 


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